Monday, April 13, 2009

South side of Coos Bay, leaving town at 9 AM on 5/27/09. Nice morning, still a little chilly here on the Coast.

In the high Siskiyous leaving Oregon. I'll try to get a picture of each State sign where I enter on this trip. Didn't do very well on this one

A short break to snap Mount Shasta. Just passed the famous Scopion~ and Roxy Klamath River Rest area.

Mount Shasta, near Weed, California

Got up to 102 today, here the gage is reading 101. It stayed over a hundred from North of Redding all the way down passed Sacramento. Because of the temp, and wanting to get to Don (VSP)'s tonight, I passed up a lot of good pictures. I'll try to do better as the trip goes on. For new people, you can click on a picture to make it larger.