Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recap! This will be the last posting for this blog. Trip started on May 28, 2009 and ended on June 20. 24 days on the road. 7235 miles from leaving garage to returning to garage at home.
The blog is a record of the trip. Thanks to those that provided a night's lodging here and there. And thanks to Joe and Yvette, Bassman, and vsp for the traveling we did together.. oh, and also Flamekiller from Oklahoma, who we met up with in time to ride in the rain together. The purpose of the trip was to attend the vroc ("V"-Rock) rally in Richmond, Kentucky. It was wonderful!

Can you hear the Seagulls? I arrived back home at 3 PM on Saturday the 20th. This is the mouth of Coos Bay, where it becomes the Pacific Ocean! I live less than a mile from here, so rode out for this picture before going home.

I don't know if Don (vsp) was trying to tell me something, or advertising canned ham! This was my morning coffee cup today.

Around 5 AM in Don's house. I was going to get up and sneak out, but he heard me, so got up and made coffee while I was getting the bike ready. I was on the road around 5:30 AM.

Not Kansas! Sunflowers must be a new cash crop in Northern California. I saw several large fields with a LOT of sunflowers in them.

Here's another field. The sun had just came up, the shadow shows that I'm looking to the West.

Slammer would say. "California cows get a Square Meal!"

Granzella's has a bakery, Deli and fine restaurant. the food smelled wonderful, but I didn't want to take time to eat. It's 7:30 AM already. I stopped to get Pat a large round loaf of "Extra Sour" bread. It was still very warm from the oven.

Oleander on I-5 and Hwy 99 in California goes for Miles and Miles and Miles! Very pretty. Pinks, whites, and reds of various shades.

When Castle Craigs are in sight, I know I'm getting close to Oregon.

The City of Mount Shasta. I stopped to get some water, I was full of coffee.

This cow welcomes you to "The State of Jefferson"

Only a couple hundred miles to go!

Last gas stop at 7 Feather Casino station.

The Casino has hundreds of flowers all over the grounds. This large tent was full of people having a Chili Cookoff. Looked like they had a good turnout. I stopped to take this picture, and a security car came zooming up to me. He said the inside security cameras has picked me up, and he told me I couldn't take picture of the Casino. I thanked him and left with my pictures

The Coos River, just before it become the main supply of water to Coos Bay.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Canon City, Colorado is a very interesting little city. Looks like they have a lot of things going on during the summer.

Holy Smoke BBQ! Sponcered by a local Church...Neat name.

Our porch in Yuma. 110 degrees! I spent 3 or 4 days here on the way to Kentucky. Sort of out of the way, but it was nice go have some time to see a little what late Spring is like in Yuma.

Place I ate breakfast in Mexico. I crossed the border to get my teeth cleaned. ($20 well spent)

Normally the busiest intersection in Algodones. Now that the Snowbirds are mostly all gone, the town sure looks different!

My favorite shoe shine guy works year round. He says he keeps pretty busy, except July and August is a little slow.

During the winter, this sidewalk would be wall to wall people.

Excellent fish and shrimp taco here! And the tamales weigh over a pound each. We bought a dozen to take home with us in March. They weren't as good after being frozen, but still very good.

The little Metro parked by my favorite Bakery in Algodones. I drove in and paid 2 bucks to park in a safe place that has a metal cover over the parking. Sure beats having to park and walk in.

Since I stayed in Kingman last night while VSP went on to Bakersfield, he was a few hours ahead of me today. He stopped at 2 of his favorite places, a Deli and a Sausage factory to pick up dinner. Smoked Tri-tip, highly seasoned Italian vegetables, some spaghetti that he pan fried, and red potato salad. Add a nice french roll, and it was an excellent meal! Thanks Don.

Besides 3 nice motorcycles, this is Ed's other toy. It's early morning, I decided to ride on the quickest way to Stockton, instead of adding the few extra hours to ride over to Oatman that I'd planned to do. It's going to be a long, hot day through the Mojave Desert.

Was 87 degrees at 7 AM going thr0ugh Needles, CA. This is the desert between Needles and Barstow. The temps varied between 100 and 103 most of the day.

Coming down from the pass on the Tehachepi mountains. It got down to 88 degrees at the summit and felt great..but it only lasted a few minutes. This is a little Farmers market and U-pick place just East of Bakersfield.

I grew up near Portland, OR, and knew it was 'The city of Roses". Then, when I got older and watch the Rose parade, I heard that Pasadena, CA was "The city of Roses". Later, when I was working out of Texas, I learned that Tyler was "The City of Roses". Well today, when going through acres and acres of roses near Wasco, CA. I say a sign stating that Wasco is "The city of Roses". Strange, roses on one side of the road, onions and other crops on the other side.

Picture for SAG, remember we stopped here with Don on the way to Tucson a few years ago.

102 degrees. It went as low as 100 and up to 103, stayed like that all afternoon.

California grapes! Lots of produce growing in the Central Valley.

Here's one for Roxy! The movie theater in Holbrook, AZ. Jack probably courted Barb in the back seats here. (G)
Tonight I'm in Kingman, AZ. Don't know what tomorrow will bring.

The Wig Wam is still in operation.........This is one of the best known places on old Route 66.

And, just across the street, is my favorite place on Route 66, 9old or new! (don't forget you can click on a picture to make it larger)

The Geronamo place. The real Geronamo was taken to Holbrook before he was delivered to Fort Sill, OK for his last years. There is a pretty famous picture of him at the railroad station there.

Miles of nice riding with interesting clouds to look at. This is the "Mother Road" in Arizona.

Seligan has lots of nostalgic shops and cafe's.

This is Ed and Carl's favorite place to eat in Seligman.

The Wing got a lot of attention from a bus full of French tourists.

I think that is Elvis and Peggy Sue on the bumper of that Edsel.

This lady didn't speak a work of English, but between her and her husband that wanted the picture, I figured out she wanted to sit on the bike. She was more excited about it than their daughter

This is my favorite place to eat here. Don (VSP) had stopped here earlier this morning on his way to Bakersfield.

Probably the most famouse place to eat in Seligman. It's all right, but there is better places.

My parting shot. I've been looking for just the right T shirt, but having a problem finding what I want.

Listing to XM 13, Willie's Place, and watching the thunder clouds build. High 70's. probably 10% humidity..It don't get much better than this!

There are series of the Burma Shave little rymes along this part of the road. I thought I could remember one, but can't. I think this one was something like: Are Daisies your favorite flower?
To see them up close. Raise your speed. One more hour. (this isn't right, but close:_)

Old gas station in Peach Springs. There are two tribes in this imediate area, the Havasupai, and the Hualapai. This is on a reservation of one of them.

A tribal building that is still in operation in Peach Springs.

Good little Cafe in Truxton. This was a favorite destination for the scooter when we were in Kingman.

The desert is very green this Spring. Actually, it's only 3 days until Summer!

A Country and Western dance hall in the suburbs of Hackberry.

The Hackberry Store. They have brought in a little food wagon for the summer that sells hamburgers and hot dogs.

The store owners 1957 Corvette. This hasn't been restored, it's all original, and close to perfect.

This lady has been sitting here for many years!

Inside the Store.

You never know who you will run into here in Hackberry

300 more miles of desert. And I know every one of them intimently.

About 15 miles East of Kingman, this little Bar and Grill is now open for the summer traffic.

I arrived at the Ed and Carl house in Kingman, early afternoon.

Ed just finished detailing his Harley. He returned from the Kentucky Rally yesterday. His bike now looks "show room" good! Both he and Carl have the new Road Glides, as well and 07 Classice and 09 Kawasaki KLR 650. They each have their own storage sheds, one for each bike!

Truck drivers call these markers "Schneider Eggs".

Here's one that hatched out.

That's a lot of Bull! Buffalo bull that is...................

Inside Cline's Corners tourist trap on I-40 in New Mexico.

The entrance to the Gife shop and restaurant at Clines Corners.

I think this is the 3rd time I crossed the Contenental Divide this trip.

This gum ball machine was in another gift shop. Sign said, if you get a yellow ball, you get a free arrow head. I got one! First try.

Been here many times before, but usually stop to take a picture, again.

Nearing Gallup, NM.

Chief Yellowhorse means Arizona is close.

Even though I'm over 1500 miles away, it feels like home!

While waiting for Don (vsp) to catch up, I had a little snack in the Petrified Forest cafe.

Hmmmmm. what time IS it??

Fred Harvey built this hotel in the Painted Desert many years ago. Was a favorite place for the elite to gather.

Speaking of the Elite, here is VSP snapping up the Painted Desert.

The sky isn't looking real good, picked up a couple of drops, but it never really rained.

Part of the colorful rocks.

This was a beautiful cactus. The wind was blowing so hard I didn't get a real good picture.

Kokopelli lives in theis tipi. Those are petrified logs on the ground.

Downtown Holbrook.

Jack and Barb in Jack's office at the Body Shop.

After a hard day on the road, it ws nice to sit for awhile.

I thought Jack was being raided, but he's just working some of Holbrook's police cars.

I think this is Jack's new sleeping maching!

Don (VSP) and Karl Guzzo.

Jack has to finish a job before the day is over.

Lots of wind on the Foree mountain!

Phyliss Romo has done a nice job of re-finishing the front of her restaurant.

My Cheese and green chili crisp.

Phyliss and her grand daughter. Barb has a way with kids!

Barb visited a Botique for this top. Very cool! Glitz is good!

We're on the way to see some Indian dances.

Very talented kids. Nice costumes too. Some of these are in the school where Barb teaches.

These two street people got a little out of hand, and had to spend some time in the jail.

The dancers all introduce themselves.

A Holbrook store.

Two Dinasaurs.. Spooky and Karl.

Another Holbrook business.

Jack and Barb have a beautiful back yard. This little table and chair set is something new, tucked into a nice little private spot.