Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recap! This will be the last posting for this blog. Trip started on May 28, 2009 and ended on June 20. 24 days on the road. 7235 miles from leaving garage to returning to garage at home.
The blog is a record of the trip. Thanks to those that provided a night's lodging here and there. And thanks to Joe and Yvette, Bassman, and vsp for the traveling we did together.. oh, and also Flamekiller from Oklahoma, who we met up with in time to ride in the rain together. The purpose of the trip was to attend the vroc ("V"-Rock) rally in Richmond, Kentucky. It was wonderful!

Can you hear the Seagulls? I arrived back home at 3 PM on Saturday the 20th. This is the mouth of Coos Bay, where it becomes the Pacific Ocean! I live less than a mile from here, so rode out for this picture before going home.

I don't know if Don (vsp) was trying to tell me something, or advertising canned ham! This was my morning coffee cup today.

Around 5 AM in Don's house. I was going to get up and sneak out, but he heard me, so got up and made coffee while I was getting the bike ready. I was on the road around 5:30 AM.

Not Kansas! Sunflowers must be a new cash crop in Northern California. I saw several large fields with a LOT of sunflowers in them.

Here's another field. The sun had just came up, the shadow shows that I'm looking to the West.

Slammer would say. "California cows get a Square Meal!"

Granzella's has a bakery, Deli and fine restaurant. the food smelled wonderful, but I didn't want to take time to eat. It's 7:30 AM already. I stopped to get Pat a large round loaf of "Extra Sour" bread. It was still very warm from the oven.

Oleander on I-5 and Hwy 99 in California goes for Miles and Miles and Miles! Very pretty. Pinks, whites, and reds of various shades.

When Castle Craigs are in sight, I know I'm getting close to Oregon.

The City of Mount Shasta. I stopped to get some water, I was full of coffee.

This cow welcomes you to "The State of Jefferson"

Only a couple hundred miles to go!

Last gas stop at 7 Feather Casino station.

The Casino has hundreds of flowers all over the grounds. This large tent was full of people having a Chili Cookoff. Looked like they had a good turnout. I stopped to take this picture, and a security car came zooming up to me. He said the inside security cameras has picked me up, and he told me I couldn't take picture of the Casino. I thanked him and left with my pictures

The Coos River, just before it become the main supply of water to Coos Bay.

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