Friday, June 5, 2009

Deatra & Stu Mall, these are close friends of Malachi and Yvette, they joined up for the Mexican dinner!

Pinto beans, Green Chili Pork, Beef and cheese enchiladas, this was the dinner Yvette's mother made for us. Without doubt, some of the best real Mexican food I've ever tasted (and I've had a couple of Mexican meals :-)

Cleo is pretty laid back. She's a very friendly kitty.

Part of the Lobby in the Hotel Colorado. A historic Hotel from the 1800's. It was built to supply room and entertainment for peopole that came to Glenwood Springs to visit the Hot Mineral Springs.

The Legents give shop. Malachi's mother used to own and operate this store inside the Hotel.

A stairway to another little sitting room. Joe and his friend Stew were giving me a good tour of the place.

Theodore Rooseveldt visited the hotel while he was on a bear hunting trip. He came back with no bear, so the staff at the hotel made up a little bear out of used towels and rags. They called it "The Teddy Bear". Wasn't long before they were marketing them, and "You know the Rest of the Story"

Joe in front of the Hotel. It reminds me a lot of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Pretty Clematis flowers, the gardens were beautiful.

And a Columbine, because it's Colorado.

Stew is making frineds with this beaver.

Joe and some colorful motorcycles.

This main pool is deluted to keep the water cooler. There are 2 other hotter pools, of different temps. The warmest one is well over a hundred degrees. There is a couple of water slides here too, and other fun looking things. The old brick lodge is where Doc Holiday used to stay when he frequented the pool in his attempt to heal his consumption.

The trailhead entrance to the old cemetary is being remodled. Doc Holiday's grave is up there.

Mount Sopris, 12,000 and some feet high.

A almost worn out Colorado tree.

Yvette, Joe, Yvonne & Dennis (Yvette's Mom and Dad). Malachi cooked this wonderful skillet breakfast, it was excellent!

Malachi decided the lawn would last another 2 weeks until he got home, so it got mowed and trimmed this morning.


Joe, Yvette, and Tinker. We'll be spending 4 or 5 days together on the road next week! Well, not Tinker, she'll be staying home with Grandpa and Grandma.

Sherm and Cleo in Yvette's gaming recliner. Life is tough on the road

Looks like a good place for my last breakfast in Moab for awhile.

This is the front room, there are more tables and chairs in the back. Lots of folks using the WiFi.

I mixed the Hemp Hearts with the homemade granola. The coffee was excellent. I left the Hemp wrapper on the table, wonder what they thought when they cleaned up

I've always wanted to eat in this place, but never have. There will be a time.

This is the campground Preston, Karen & I stayed the last time we were here. Nice place.

The Mighty Colorado River, near Moab.

In about 40 miles, I took over 60 pictures. It was a beautiful morning. I only posted a few of the pics here, you'll be tired of seeing red rocks, but I just had to do it. :-)

The road runs along the Colorado, and through the deep red canyons. There is plenty of greenery along the river.

There is a lot of activity on the river, saw several float groups going down, and passed nice campgrounds.

Also passed a few farms.

This is one of the few pictures I actually stopped to take. Didn't want to miss this scenery.

This farm had a restaurant down by the river, I didn't ride down there.

Crossed over a bridge, now on the North side of the River.

The town of Cisco isn't much. There were several building like this, didn't see anything open.

I'm on I-70 now, just entered Colorado.

Guess I'm through the red rocks, this one is sort of faded out.

Grape vinyards near Fruita, CO

If you click, you'll see that this is Kokopelli's Farm. He must have raised rocks or something, there isn't much room to grow anything there.

This old building is across from the Rifle, CO library. Must have some good history, but is now an office building.

Mal and Corvette have a very nice home. These are some georgeous wild Columbine, the Colorado State Flower. They built their home around these exquisite little flowers! (yeah, right)

Cleo pretty much has the run of the house. She's a very friendly kitty. She weights more than twice as much as my dog.

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