Sunday, June 14, 2009

Started the day at the breakfast bar at the Quality Inn at Russellville, Arkansas. VSP is getting into a nice waffle. I'm having ceral and banana, also some good chedder cheese.

We met "The Cable Guy" in getting his breakfast.

Downtown Henryetta, OK

Patriotic statue. Looks like WW1.

Dutch and Detox told us about this place they saw on the way to the rally. Since I was going by, stopped for a picture. Found out that Don stopped here later for an early lunch, but didn't have the buffet.

Rolling hills on I-40 in Oklahoma.

Downtown OKC. I happened to be traveling through the day after the bombing. I drove into the area, as close as possible to the building that was destroyed. It was amazing at how far out the damage was. Went back a couple years ago and visited the monument. Very nice job the City did.

Pat and I lived in Mustang, OK for 5 years. This was our turn off when we went home from the freeway.

About 20 miles West of OKC is the exit going to El Reno. This is where Tim McVey met his end. Crime doesn't pay!

There are lots of oil well out in this part of the country. When one runs out of oil, it get water in it. They put up these big windmills to pump water up and into the cattle ponds.
(This is as close as I get to Science Fiction:-)

Sing for a well known tourist trap.

Made it to Texas. 99 degrees out now.

Route 66 in Shamrock, TX. This station and cafe were in the movie "Cars".

The U Drop In received a Federal grant to restore it to orignial about 5 years ago. The work is finished, but they have to wait another 5 years now before they can us it for a retail business again.

The famous Conoco Tower and the U Drop In.

Lots of windmill pumping water for the livestock.

Groom, Texas. The largest cross in the Western Hemisphere. It was an interesting visit.

Again...the Big Texan. I started eating here in the early 1980's. The prices have gone up, and the quality isn't so great anymore. Just my opinion, a lot of people must like it.

They have been carving steaks off this old boy for a long time!

Everything's big in Texas.

These 10 Cadilacs have been planted here a long time. They don't seem to be growing well.

Don's Chicken fried Steak at Del's in Tucumcari.

Since I didn't get any "liver mush" in Kentucky, I settled for a good chicken liver dinner here in New Mexico. Went 657 miles today, in some very hot weather. But..........first day in over a week that I didn't have some or a lot, of rain.
Romeo is sniffing to see what's cooking in the big green Egg.

Tom and Denise shared the kitchen duty for supper. Tom cooked everything in the "Egg" except Denise's Cornbread. (which was wonderful)

Tigger is getting old, but he still sort of runs the house.

Romeo really isn't spoiled, he's just an important family member :-)

All the outside doors have a different bell arrangement. When Romeo wants out, he rings the bells with his nose.

He's checking outside for bird and squirrels to chase. If he sees one, the bells will ring.

Tom and Denise prepared this delicious dinner. I think I'm sold on the Big Green Egg!

After dinner relaxing at the Miller house. Their grounds is like a park.

Tom gave me a short demo of how he rides his trials bike. Here, he's totally stopped, just balancing. I had an old trials bike years ago, they sure have come a long way since then!

A tine humming bird resting on the BBQ lighter. Taken through a window.

It was a foggy morning in Kentucky. On the way out of town Tom showed me where Denise works. If you click on the picture, you'll see something blue in the right doorway. That's Denise waving.

Tom rode out 30 miles with me on the way out of Elizabethtown this morning. It was sort of complicated getting to the Parkway, so it was very nice of Tom lead me out.

I met up with Don (vsp) in Russellville, Arkansas. This is my dinner, except for the small almost empty plate in the back, that's Don's dinner
I rode 4 hours in pretty heavy rain today, then the temp got up to over 100 degrees on I-40 with high humidty. I needed a nice dinner to replace all the calories I lost from a stressful day of riding.

A little dessert. Believe it or not, most of this was "no sugar added".

Skid was helping me set up my route home on the Zumo.

Patience is getting ready to go to Niagra Falls!

Sandy is checking out the "Comms" and getting ready for the ride home.

Blondy will be driving the "4 wheel Honda" home.

Six Pack Jack is out for a morning ride in his safety gear.

Brillo's chopper is parked by the trash can....

Susan is strutting her stuff across the parking lot.

Slammer is heading out on the Weed Eater. Toby is telling where to go.

Heather is all dressed up and ready to start herding her pretty Suzuki back to Canada.

My traveling buddies, Skid and Sandy are heading out.

The Weed Eater has about a 350 mile trip to get the Slammer home today.

Biglefti is getting the Wing ready for the trip north before heading back to Phoenix.

Denise, Melanie and Jenny took Patience shopping at TJ Max. She's all fixed up with some new riding gear.

There they go, headed off to the boat ride under Niagra Falls!

Cargo brough enough tools to overhall about anything. He's loading up the Green/Green Nomad with the Meanstreak engine.

"Chopper" Brillo. With those big guns, he doesn't need a chopper to make the ladies take a look!

This is the Valley View Ferry, crosses the Kentucky River. It's the oldest continuous operating business in the State of Kentucky. Established in 1785! There have been a few upgrades since then. Daniel Boone, Henry Clay and General Grant were some of the passengers that have ridden on it.

And today, it's Miller and Acord, not quite as famous (yet)

We've passed hundreds of huge old homes today. Just amazes me.

We followed this fence for miles. They were built by Irish Stone Masons right after the Civil War.

Merchant's Row. This is downtown Perryville. The site of the largest battle of the war in Kentucky. Over 8000 men (combines Union and Confederate) were killed here. There is a self guided tour through the main battle field that explains it all. A very sad day for America.

There are a lot of the original building that have been here since the earluy 1800's.

This is a very old Catholic church in Perryville.

This Opra house is also one of the original building too.

This is Saint Cathrine's College. A school for girls.

My Old Kentucky Home State Park. This whole part of the country is beautiful.

Another small, but old, town.

We're in the heart of the Bluegrass country.

These are warehouses full of whiskey barrels. Each distillery has several of these. There is a creek that runs by here. A few years ago there was a fire in a warehouse and the booze ran into the creek, causing it to look like the water was burning!

This is one of the Jim Beam Distilleries that make one of their top shelf brands.

The Hog wild. This place is about 7 miles from Tom and Denise Miller's place in Elizabethtown. They cooked out dinner here and hauled it about a hundred miles down to the rally site in Richmond. And, it was excellent!

Part of the Miller garage. It's been a long time since the Wing has been inside at night!

Romeo went wild when Tom got home. They have such a beautiful place here!

Denise's Dad and Mom have been taking care of the animals for while Tom and Denise were at the rally.

My bed for Sunday night! Tomorrow I'll be heading in a Westerly direction.

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