Monday, June 1, 2009

In Moab, off-road sports are the King. But, there are lots of bikes going through here, enroute the National Parks, Canyon Lands, and lots of wonderful roads.

Moab is a mass of nice little shops.

5 years ago, I bought something from this shop and signed up for their news letter. Every week I get it, and there is always 5 names that are taken at random from the mailing list. Those 5 people get a $25 gift certificate. So far, I haven't made a list . Was going to go in and look around, but I would have just bought something I don't need, so decided to just take a picture:-)

Lots of glass and crystal here, and all sorts of things in the windows.

When Preston, Karen and I rode down here a few years ago, we made the long climb up to the Delicate Arch. It was hot and we didn't have much water. So, when we got down, this was our first stop, for huge glasses of Iced Tea. Karen and I woofed down a couple of quarts and got a little sick. Preston used restraint and was fine. The place looks the same.

McStiffs takes in the whole block with some different stores.

6/4/09 Cactus flower in front of my room at the San Juan Inn near Mexican Hat, UT.

The contraption behind the bike is a chair on a cable that goes across the river. It's used in some Government project to track the height of the water, speed, and other information from the river.

Mexican Hat Rock..... The little town in the Canyon is named after the rock.

There are MANY interesting rock formations.

Another rock bluff.

The green field had just been cut, and you could smell the fresh cut hay.

The Twin Navajos.

Navajo trading post below the "twins"

Nice curvy road.

Early morning light on the rocks.

The farther into the canyons, the better the roads.

Entering Blanding, there are several horse farms. This is real Cowboy country.

I stopped to take a picture of "Dolly Rock". This couple are from Belgium! They flew into Vancouver, BC, rented a car, and have been traveling the South West. They have been buying a lot of jewelry from the road side stands.. They were very impressed with the bike, they have never seen a Wing up close before. They spoke enough English to get by. They were VERY nice people!

Broad sweepers as the elevation drops. I went from 7300 feet near Montecello, down to around 5000 feet in a very short time.

This is "Archie Bunker" In the 2nd world war, it was used to store Ammo, and later it became a popular TV show.

Another shot of Archie's Bunker.

The Hole in the Wall is coming up!

That's a Lotta Bull!

I was surprised to see Brillo! He came out to Utah to play some golf!

Lots of antiques and other interesting stuff.

It's a Free tourist trap, unless you pay to go through the house and musuem.

This was a classy buggy in it's day.

Albert was the owner and builder of the Hole in the Wall. He started this sculpture in 1948, but got sick and had to wait a couple of years before he finished it.

There were several movies made around here in the Canyon Lands during the 1950's. This was a very popular night club that was a favorite place for the actors to go. It was a very popular "watering hole" and dinner house. There are lots of interesting pictures and documented stories in the museum.

I was surprised that there weren't many people here today. Well, it was a little early.

Look at the tires on this jeep. You may have to click on the picture to get a good look.

A little Gecko standing guard.

June 3, 2009. About a hundred miles out of Yuma. Getting hot already. I left the house at 6:45 AM, it was already 77 degrees then.

Desolate country South of Gila Bend. (Hee-la Bend, for those in Coos Bay)

Highway 85, this flag is out in the middle of no-where, quite a long way from the road. Don't know who maintains it.

A thick patch of Saguaros

Kokopelli stopped in for some Starbucks. This is on I-17 north of Phoenix

The Sky North of Flagstaff. Thunder Storms are in the Forecast.

Monument Valley. It's a beautiful ride. I took 159 pictures on June 3 and 4, only picked the one here to post. There are others as good or better, but couldn't post them all.

Rock Formations in Monument Valley. I didn't stop for any pictures, these are all from the moving bike.

A cut in the rocks

The San Juan Inn, in Mexican Hat, UT.

The bridge over the San Juan River.

The Motel is part of a comples between these rocks and the river. It was a nice place.

The Motel restaurant.

My dinner Salad.

There are little lawns like this between some of the room on the cliff side, and some nice little sitting places on the river side too.

This is my favorite plant at the Yuma place! These beautiful flowers pop out new almost every day. The last day here for the is trip, June 2, 2009, this little blossom opened for me. Our neighbor Redd has been keeping it watered.

June 1, 2009. It's 3 PM and the temp is riding on 108. Time to go jump into the pool!

There are 10 artichoke plants near the Gabebo in Rolle's Lynda Vista. There are 30 to 40 artichokes on each plant, and no one has picked them. too late now, they have gone to seed and would be too tough.

Sharon, Wayne's wife and our Harley friend in the park.

Wayne, Sharon's husband, and our Harley friend in the park.

This little Dove is getting a drink from the water inlet for our pool.

The Park has big Doves, little Doves, Pigeons, and lot of wild and noisy birds. That chrome tube by the water pipe is a thermometer. The water temp in the pool today is 92 degrees. It's heated with solar panels, and the cool water coming in keeps it from getting too warm.

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