Friday, May 29, 2009

7 AM on Sunday morning. 75 degrees already, and climbing fast. We're heading out to San Luis de Colorado, on the Mexican Border for some breakfast.

Redd's new Harley just turned 200 miles on the clock this morning. He's grinning ear to ear, except for some of the flapping skin on his face and neck . He'll have a windshield soon.

Happiness is friends in the rear view mirror!

Looks to be about 5 acres of onions here, ready to harvest. I don't know if they will save these seed pods or not, but the bulbs are getting very large.

Sharon says, "what's that smell?" She's never seen onions growing. I'm finding lots of rotated crops here in Yuma County. Lettuce is the biggie in the winter, but now there are grain fiels, hay, and other vegetables. Was told the melon season is just wrapping up. In a couple of months, all the fields will be planted again, with different crops.

We stayed on 2 lane roads, passed a lot of small Oasis kind of places, where the farmers have their homes.

This fies had something growing, but couldn't tell what it was. I just liked the palm trees out in the middle of no-where.

This picture is for Pat. We have a little green bush that looks sort of like a weed in the corner of our lawn, at the end of the beach, near the water faucet. It's now covered with these flowers! The Hibiscus and all the cactus plants are doing well, thanks to Redd. I didn't take the camera in to breakfast, so no food pictures today....

Saturday is sprinkler day. The park has 7 pumps that take water from a canal to water trees and grass in the park. This is the back of our little place, the grass is still green!

104 today. Pretty warm. I had to uncover this little A/C there in the front window, it does a pretty good job of keeping the whole place cool.

The Geo got moved to a space across the street in the sun. The Wing takes up almost as much room in the carport as the car did!

Indio, CA. My 2 favorite places for Menudo were closed, one is only open for dinners now, the other is out of business. this place has been here a long time, but has new owners, and is totally different inside.

Nice and clean, new paint and booths are gone. I was the only one eating, it had just reopened afer being closed for several months.

All the tables had fresh cut plastic flowers, I thought it was classy . I didn't take any pictures yesterday. Was hot, and didn't feel much like stopping. I passed up a nice scene of them cattle around a water tank on some rolling hills, lots of produce and grapes being harvested, and passed lots of oil wells around Bakersfield. Stayed in a Days Inn in San Berdoo last night, it was a good room.

The food also came with chips and very good salsa, and, 3 fresh, warm tortillas. It was good, but I didn't eat it all.

A Morning Glory out front.

They have a new sign too. It was around 9 or so, and already in the high 80's outside.

Behind the buildings you can barely see the Salton Sea. This is a Beach Town.

Most of you know that "Rogue" moved to Borrego Springs, CA. Well, it's just a few miles from here in the direction I'm pointing the camera. I hope his little Oasis looks better than this!

This was about 30 miles West of Winterhaven, CA. I had planned to buy gas after I left El Centro on I-8. But, went for miles with no sign of gas. The Zumo is now telling me the closest gas is in Winterhaven, 2 miles W. of Yuma. At the time of this pic, I had 260 miles on the tank. Turned out there is a new Shell station 10 miles West of Winterhaven. I had slowed to 35 mph, and limped on in. 281.5 miles! And I had been going a steady 75 until I slowed down. Anyway, I arrived Yuma shortly, the house and park look good, but it's VERY warm. I got the power on the the house, and now have the A/C going full blast. No wifi since I took my wireless modem to Coos Bay, and no TV since I have the Dish receiver in the Minnie, so I'll read and visit the pool until time to head North in a couple of days.

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