Friday, June 12, 2009

Coyote, Old Man and Toj. They are relaxing and checking the grass for Chiggers.

The EZ up is a popular place now that the sun came out. It's hot and muggy, people are hanging out relaxing.

U-Turn pulled a good one on Hotsauce. He substitued some kind of cheap bottle of water or something into Hotsauce's very expensive Tequila box. Then when Scott rode up, U-turn brought the box over, fumbles it and the bottle broke...

Wompas and Montene.

Malachi bought this Yellow Mohawk thingy to put on his helmet to match the Wing. Billy G. is modeling it.

This is sort of an "all hands" project!

They do have enough tools, or so it appears..lets fast do you want this bike to go???
Gale (Curb) and Jack (Jax) didn't have much time to attend the rally, but they drove up this morning from Tennessee. Good to see them, if only for the one short afternoon.

The Pink Ladies! There is a long story behind this hat............Susan (Zmean1) and Denise are having a little presentation!

This is part of my Uncle Hirshel's breakfast. Love that salty country ham!

From across the table.

Marlene had an apple cobbler with ice cream for breakfast. Well, it had fruit, grains, and milk! What more do you need?

This was Yvette's breakfast..sweet and yummy!

A typical motel breakfast (not)

I saw this cool hat and took this picture of it. When I went outside to get on the bike, Malachi had bought it for me! Thanks, Buddy.................

That chair is a little large for Scotty.

Marlene, Yummy and Scotty. Dualing cameras.

Cargo, Six Pack, U-turn, D and Mike Acree.

Piper and Bassman. Evil and Blondy in the back.

This is a private residence in Richmond.

I took over a dozen house pictures, will only post a few here, just for an example of all the nice old, large homes in Richmond.

Brick and lumber both, there are hundreds of homes like this here.

OK, this will be the last. I rode down Main street this morning, just for a few pics.

A large Methodist church. I think I counted a 5 or 6 very large churches in about a 6 block stretch here in town.

I think this was the Municiple building.

Lower downtown area.

Some kind of Government building I think. I was riding and couldn't see the name on it.

Kind of a cool sign in a church lawn.

Shelby, VSP and Buck (RP)

Donald was presented with a dozen Moon Pies this morning. He remembers them from his youth. With a case of RC Cola and these, he'll make it all the way back to California on a sugar high!

Biglefti and Chunk are comparing notes in a 96% humid morning. At least it's not raining right now.

Sherm with Marlene and KT. I like these ladies, they make me look tall!

Nickels and Dutch. Nice Seahawk shirt! And he's from Steeler country?

Solo and Jamey T find a place to sit and visit.

Wonder what kind of pranks these two will be up to later on?? I'm sure I'll be sound asleep long before the party is over tonight.

Buck is waiting for the fire to get going.

Mike Miller. Tom's brother.

Getting ready to start the raffle. Howard and Linda Sublow and their kids, Brian and Laura did the huge job of collecting the items and running the raffle. Thanks also to Kawasaki's ROK and Teri Conrad for donating the factory items.

The room is jammed with over 200 people, and they are outside in the halls too.

A shirt Piper donated to have everyone sign to give to Max to remember this night.

Max has some serious health issues, and is waiting for a transplant. He's here in good spirits and drew the tickets for the raffle.

Piper donated a nice boys leather jacket for Max.

Max getting ready to draw the first ticket.

There was a mystery box, won by Susan...I think this may have been 'bout that Kelly?

The Sublow's and Max. There's Jim and Cat right in front too. The drawing went quickly and everyone had a good time.

Epibunny won a ladies t-shirt. One size fits all, so she had to model it over her clothes.

I was trying on some kind of head or neck gear donated by Kawasaki. Charlie grabbed my camera and took this shot as I was trying to figure out how to wear it.

The 50/50 raised $2400! As luck would have it, Denise Miller won the cash. She donated it ALL back to the pot so it all went to Max's fund. What a lady! She got a very deserving standing ovation. There were a few tears floating around too.

Tom Miller had a few words at the end of the evening. He did a fine job on this rally. Good location, good food, and good rides. Now..........if the weather had been a little better..................
This will be "the" rally that a lot of people will remember for a long time.

These people are all winners. Tom, Max, Denise, and Emily, (Max's mother)

Gambler and Bubbles from Arkansas

Old Man, Wiliedog and Joker.

Badger and Toj. A couple of low numbers and fine VROC'ers. We don't see much of Toj at the western rallies, but for those that don't know, he issues numbers and takes care of the server fund. a BIG job, and he's always done it above reproach!

Nomad Daddy, Swampstomper, and Billy G.

Tom Miller, Maxx, Emily, his mother, and Denise Miller. Maxx will be the receipient of the funds raised from our raffle.

Mr. and Mrs. Roseman

Heather, Tom, Gary and Julie. Julie is Trucker's daughter.

I'm not going to take time to name names here for everyone.

Right side of the table is Dave and Joker, from Florida, and Teri, the ROK representative.

Daley is sneaking into the food line.

Pam Gates and Mr. and Mrs. Wiredgeorge.

I ordered enough to have a few left overs. The ribs were excellent.

I see Scooter back there, then Cat and Jim, Piper with the Aloha shirt, and Laura Sublw.

For my lunch tomorrow. Nice to have a fridge and micro oven in the room!

Nice hat!

Epibunny enjoying her small dinner

Blondy says, "It's lip smacking good!"

Mr. and Mrs. Gateway Pokey.

Marlene and Scotty are enjoying the dinner.

These are pulled pork sandwiches. They were huge, and the price was very good.

Since there was no pie to fight over, Rabbi graciously let Chunk go first.

Before dinner, my phone rang. It was Jack Foree. He has been watching us on this web cam! Pretty cool, he was watching me talk to him on the phone. Cargo has set this up for SEVROC and now here. Pretty nice for those at home that can't be here.

Two Millers. Tom and Mike. I'll have to get a better shot of "little brother"

Between showers, a Wal-Mart run. Biker, Al, Tom and Heather, Skid and Sandy.

Biker Gary and Sherm

Cute dog in a car waiting in the drive-up line to White Castle. Taken through 2 windows!

Heather, Sandy, Skid, Lucky Al, Gary (Biker) and Tom (ET)

Rem's Kansas vroc plate.

Daley's Georgia plate! Had to pull the rain cover off to find it I think EZ would like to get his hands on this one!

Denise is the "Hostess with the Mostest" of the rally. She had to work all week, she just got in.

Skid and Solo are reading the instructions on how to use a Stop and Go tire plugging kit.
There was a screw in the tire...

Now that there is plenty of help, they are almost finished.

The Sublows. Howare (Nitelite) with Brian, his son, and Laura, his daughter. Linda must be busy working on the raffle or something, she wasn't here for the picture.,
This family had done a fine job of collecting items, and will handle the raffle tonight.

Gypsy Cat arrived today. She's sitting here with Denise while raffle tickets are being signed for Jax.

Lucky Al (my roomie here) has this old gas mask from WW2 ...........and that's not Wolfman's Wandering Rally either! Looks funny, but gives him a good night's sleep!

Brillo looking in our window. We were fortunate to get this excellent location, can watch the activities from inside out of the rain.

Friday morning line up. There are two rides getting ready to leave in the rain soon.

Pat (Evil) Shea, Don (Bassman) and Deb

Two ride groups and one "stay and visit" group are assembling.

I counted 14 Gold Wings this morning, I think there are more here, will count again tonight before the BBQ when everyone will be here.

This is Toby, Slammer's friend from NC. Thise are his motorcycle overalls, right off the farm!

Patience has a pretty pink helmet, the color didn't show up good in this picture. Probably because of the glare off the school bus parked behind her:-)

Yummy and Blondy in the 4 wheel Honda.

Susan is smart, she's hitching a ride!

They are almost ready to pull out.

U-Turn and passenger.

Badger and Teri Conrad from ROK.

Tom Miller.. The Rally Organizer, Master of Ceremonies, Ride leader, Head of the Rally Complaint department, and General "Good Guy" ! Tom is The Man of The Day here at WW3

Margot, Hotsauce and Taz.

A family of Acree's. That's Little Snake and his wife, KT, and daughter Rachael.

Big Dog and Little Puppy from Texas..Cool Helmet!

The rain is getting stronger. Both rides have pulled. There's Heather (Skidlet), her fiance, and Sandy under the porch. The EZ up is in place now for some shelter.

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