Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bassman and Cocoa. An early hot, humid, morning in Oklahoma! Don was our host last night, we had a good nights sleep in his nice home.

Bassman's pond. (It's BASE man because he plays a Bass Guitar in a Country music band)

Saint Louis has their arch, and here's McDonalds, it goes across I-44.

Taking advantage of the Dollar Menu for a breakfast on the road..this is pretty much "over" the road! We're sitting up in the Golden Arch.

The Ozarks are full of antique malls and stores.

Branson is a ways from here, but they start advertising early

I think this was in Springfield, Missouri. We needed our "Wal Mart Fix"

Missouri has their welcome center when you're about half way through the State.

This looked like a good place to visit, but we were in a hurry to beat the forecasted Sever Weather. We only had a few rain drops, managed to stay ahead of the storms.

Branson souvenirs clear up here on I-44

Illinois is just across this little river...The Big Muddy.

Mal and Yvette are right in the middle of the bridge over the Mississippi River.

Steak and Shakes are plentiful in this part of the country. Good, inexpensive food. I ate the triple meat, lettuce and tomato, and half the fries. Left all the bun and most of the fires. the shake is Yvette's. I had water.

Mal ordered a Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate shake to go. He's over there woofing it down now in the motel room.

Malachi working on the computer and finishing up his nice milkshake.

Yvette is working on homework, she's taking a Micro Biology course, and has to work even while on the road.

Malachi's breakfast at the IHOP this morning. This is all ONE breakfast I had already had the fabulous continental breakfast at the motel.

Right next to the Boot Hill in Dodge City, Kansas.

Part of Old Town. We were looking for Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty, but didn't see them.

Couple of the ladies fromt he Longbranch.

Mal says this is Yvette in her element.. Shopping!

Mal's souvenir bag.

The handsome young couple..

This is Clyde. He's been a real Marshall in Dodge city for several decades. A very nice gentleman, he's going to send some Dodge City historical information to my Grandsons.

A little traffic stop. Mal and Yvette got off with a warming. I was in the process of catching up with them, and suffered a little ticket/

A biker lunch. Grease and vitamin water.

I had backed off a little when the radar gun hit me. As you can see. We'd been riding slow, under the limit all morning. In the few seconds that I was catching up, I got nailed...

Wed dropped down to Tulsa, OK and met Don Exxum (Bassman) for dinner. He picked the perfect place for me to drown my sorrows in tasty ribs!

Bassman and Sherm at the Buffet. Lots of sort of different things, like BBQ'ed bologna, etc.

All mine, but I didn't eat any of the delicious looking rolls. I stuck with the good stuff. The ribs and chicken were outstanding.

I finished first, so had a little time for picture taking. When we left here we went out to old Route 66 and rode a way in the direction of Don's house in Catoosa, OK. We're here now, nice an comfortable with full tummys. Don will join us tomorrow as we continue on to the rally in Kentucky. The end of day 13 for me being on the road. I'll probably remember this day for a long time.

Sunday, June 7, 2009. The packing. Yvette, Joe, Yvonne and Dennis (the Mom and Dad). We rolled at 9:48 AM into black thunder clouds. there had already been a couple of showers while in the packing process.

"Knock your eyes out" beauty! This is the Colorado River in the Glenwood Canyon.

Colorado has it's share of rock too!

This is and old mine, around 9000 feet elevation. the houses were for the workers, a little Company Town.

Most of the moutains we were in and around topped at over 14,000 feet!

Nice bridge. Malachi said a small plane flew under here. Once.

Click on the picture to make it bigger, and you can see Ymette and Malachi waving.

strange place to park your truck! There was already a policeman there, and a utility guy waiting in his truck to fix the pole.

Friendly little critter in the mountains.

Colorful transportation!

Remains of Camp Hale. Established in 1941 to train troops going to Germany and Russia for cold mountain fighting. There 14,000 troops here when it was operating at the max. The camp was used clear up until 1965 when it was all dismantled and given to the US Forest Service.

I started snowing right after I took this picture. We had already had some rain drops, and it was 41 degrees here at over 10,000 feet.

A Memorial to the soldiers that trained at Camp Hale. The 10th Mountain Division.

Leadville under cloudy skies. Great Living at 10,200 feet.

Lots of nicely restored homes in the small cities we went through today.

Downtown Leadville.

It was so windy in Colorado today that this hood ornament ended up on the back bumper!

The first gas stop! I think this is in Buena Vista.

Can't remember this town, they mostly looked a lot alike, but were all attractive.

I snapped a few homes passing by.

All these building are in different little towns,

Did we get to the Louisiana Delta so soon?

I think this was in Lamar, Colorado.

And one more Colorado building.

We "blew" into Kansas, we had one tank with a good tail wind. Both Wings got exactly the same, 54.2 miles per gallon. Those are really big plastic sails!

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