Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kudzu's Best Western breakfast. Rubber eggs and thin bacon..but it hits the spot!

Actually the breakfast is good a the motel. Biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, grits, waffles, lots of rolls and bread, and bagles. Also Yogurt, hot and cold cereals, and all the fixin's.

The morning "breakfast and social hour" lasts from 6:30 until 9:30 AM.

Melonie and Kelly are flashing...(not sure what)

A smiling Strider!

Patience, Biglefti, and Kelly

Grandpa D and Susan

Kelly and Chunk

Kelly, Chunk and Blondy

Rabbi, Copperhead, and Joker

Badger, Joker, Dave and Stewey.

Lots of visiting.

Meloney and Pam Gates.

Slammer, Don, Marlene and Chunk.

Stewey, Jim Ayers, John Hoover (used to be a Kawasaki Exec) and Terry Conrad from ROK.

Don, Slammer, Toby and Fez. We went to dinner at a Italian fast food place. It was very good, and you could have all the fresh hot breadsticks you wanted.

Patience and Lanny arrived. Patience is unpacking the trailer. she shure has grown in a year!

Lanny is feeling good!

Howard (Nitelite) and Chunk

All sides of the motel are full of bikes.

Six Pack and Howard are singing a duet!

John (Coyote) Shreve just got in.

Talon has some nice sneakers.!!

Utemike, Billy G, U-Turn and Don VSP. Some of the tallest guys in VROC I think that's Rabbi there behind Mike.

Hanging out in the parking lot, waiting for the pavement to dry (again)

The crowd is getting larger

Solo, the "new" Wiliedog, Tom Miller and Cargo

Three good vroc friends.................Skid, Wiliedog, and Cargo

The "Tall and the Short of it" Scotty and Thomas.

Lost Bob and Billy G.

Gary (Biker), Don (VSP), and Mark, (Cheap B)

Chunk was dry when he got here!

Al took this shot of me in the room, getting these pics all entered.

Blondy stopped for gas on the way here yesterday. She bought gas, and while she was inside the staton, her bike caught on fire. She was able to get most of her things off before the flames got this big. She took this with her cell phone. She went home, got her car and drove late into the night to get here to the rally!

More people arriving. Cargo went to Wal-mart and bought this ez up cover for a little outside protection. Most people will be in the banquet room tonight.

Talon, Jim and Blondy.

Skid just got here and is holding court

Sandy, ET, and Heather. Heather is one of the Robinson twins, and ET is her fiance. They rode down from Canada with Mom and Dad, (Skid and Sandy)

Lucky Al (my roomie here) and Malachi are installing a Vista Cruise.

Becaues of the large metal flake paint job, I like to tease Jamey T. about his bike looking like a Bass boat. So, he's added a nice hook for trolling for Bass in the Kenutcky mud puddles! I think that Malachi and his friend Stu had something to do with this

Tony D, finds his bike runs better on Sea Foam than gasoline! Note the Arizona VROC plate.

Lucky Al's New Jersey VROC plate.

Stewey's Illinois VROC plate. There are others, I'll have to look for them here.

Nickels and Scotty enjoying the "after the storm" morning.

Cargo has a heart of gold.

Howard (Nitelite) made it in with his son Brian from California this morning. Brillo is checking out the new Voyager 1700.

Brillo wants to know why his new Honda Fury didn't come with a nice chrome cup holder!

Wild Rose and Deb.

Shelby rides in from Texas.

Wompas, Yummy and Nickels. Yummy just bought a new pair of pants.

Tony D. camped somewhere in a field, and a cow ate his gloves. Or so the story goes..........
He did get a little burn.

Marlene is a classy lady. She rode her own bike all the way out to the Oregon Rally last summer, and she's on it again here. She and Scotty live in Michigan.

Flip meets Utemike for the first time!

Hotsauce and the famous dog TAZ.

Margo is comtemplating something...I'm sure there will be better pictures of her!

Sherm just had to sit on the new Brillo Bike!

Jim and Cat just made it in from California, by way of HSVROC in Nevada.

A VROC pin has been poking me in the chest, so Brillo is grinding it off on the motel wall.

Grandpa D. and Ed, my good friend from Kingman, AZ.

Cargo is getting the web cam all set up for the night's activities.

There was a Waffle cafe next to our motel, so this was breakfast. Mine and Mal's.

Yvette's Waffle, full of butter and Maple syrup..just one bite for me.

Kentucky country side.

Little did we know when we were "suiting up" here just how bad it would get. We had almost 150 miles left to go, and it rained all the way. Sometime so hard you couldn't see the road. A car spun out in front of me, a couple of complete 360's, then shot off the road over a ditch and out into a field.

We finally was able to get off the road, and wait in this station for a while until we could see a little better. We picked up Flame Killer from Arkansas on the road, he was with us from here on in to the rally. We think it was his fault we got wet

The first dinner of the rally. Hooter's was packed with vroc folks. this is just one table.

Wompas and Montene

Grandpa D. is waiting for food!

Scotty and Marlene.

Jamey T & Purple 500 (or Drifty?) From Lead, SD

Solo and Steve from Colorado

Randy, Six Pack Jack, Richard and Daley.

Malachi's bacon burger.

A hungry Malachi

Stewey, Tony D and Cargo munching away. Stewey has lost so much weight, I hardly recognized him!

Tony D. sitting on a strange bike.

Deb, Brillo and Randy

Flamekiller and Rem...looks like bums row

Well..................the surprise of the day!!! This is Brillo's new Fury..Its a beautiful bike. But...where's the bags???

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